ModSaber // FAQ

Beat Saber Mods Database

What is this place?

ModSaber is a repository for Beat Saber mods. Its aim is to organise mod releases and integrate directly with the Mod Installer.

Can I contribute to the development of ModSaber?

Yes you can! See the GitHub repo for more info.

How do I publish my mod?

Sign up for an account and verify by email, then you will be able to publish mods.

Does my mod have to be in a specific format?

Yes. Mods are required to be uploaded in a .zip file representing the Beat Saber Directory. This is explained in further detail on the publish page.

My mod is listed as pending. What does this mean?

For security reasons, site admins have to approve new items uploaded to ModSaber to verify that nothing malicious got through the filter. This can take up to 24 hours (maybe longer if we're lazy) so just give it time. If your mod doesn't pass the security checks, approval will be denied by an admin.

Why was my mod denied?

It may have been denied for any number of reasons. If it violates the Approval Guidelines then it will be denied. Additionally, a denial reason will be listed on the mod's page and emailed directly to you.

Who operates ModSaber?

ModSaber is developed and operated by lolPants#0001 on Discord.
Beta testing and creative input was also provided by Assistant#8431 and williams#0001

A few other members of the Beat Saber Modding Community also have administrative access and can approve, transfer and unpublish any mod.