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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service


When publishing content to ModSaber you agree to not upload anything potentially harmful.
If you are caught uploading intentionally harmful content, as deemed by site operators, then ModSaber reserves the right to suspend uploading privileges, or to terminate your account indefinitely.

Management of Uploaded Content

ModSaber and its admins reserve the right to edit the title/description of published mods at any time, as well as transferring ownership of a mod namespace if given good reason.
Additionally, ModSaber and its admins reserve the right to retroactively revoke approval, or even unpublish any mods for any reason after being uploaded.

Responsibility of Uploaded Content

Whilst all content must go through a strict approval process and we aim to remove everything that may be harmful, ModSaber and its operators take no responsibility for any damage that may potentially come from content downloaded from this website.

Legal Contact

If you have a takedown request or any legal questions/concerns, send us a email.

Privacy Policy

User Data

Passwords are stored in the database after being hashed using the pbkdf2 algorithm with 25000 iterations, along with a random salt.
Emails are stored in plain text. This is so we can email you for verification and password resets. We will never send you spam emails.

Use of Cookies

This site uses cookies to keep track of login status. If you're logged in you will have a cookie containing your authentication token.


Anything published to ModSaber will be publicly accessible and can be unpublished at any time. Unpublishing only removes references to an item in the database, the files will still be available to download.
If you wish for a file to be deleted, please contact a site admin. Please do not upload anything you do not wish to be public.